The Word of Life-An Urgent Need

Senior Pastor within the Seventh day Adventist community on Nevis, Pastor Jerry Languedoc, is convinced that as the time of earth’s history goes through its concluding phase, the people of Nevis need Jesus even more than ever.

“We are living in a sin darkened age and Satan is roaming this earth and indeed throughout Nevis, as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

The sad thing is that many are being deceived on a constant basis and even professing Christians are losing their way,’ he said.

He however pointed out that there is hope and that is because King Jesus is still in the saving business and he is intent on preaching the good news of salvation as he prepares to launch several weeks of intense campaigning against the enemy of darkness.

The tent crusade which will be held under the big white tent located at Beach Road will commence this weekend—Sunday 11th August, starting at 7pm.

The nightly sessions will include wonderful song service; quizzes; give aways; special prayer sessions; special items of music by some of the top gospel singers on the island and inspirational sermons by the dynamic man of God.

The crusade is appropriately dubbed; “The word of life crusade’ and Pastor Languedoc is inviting everyone on Nevis to be a part of this spiritually sobering experience and to bring along their bibles, as what he will say will be based on the word of God and only on the word of God.

Some of the topics to be presented include:

Sunday, August 11th – God’s Amazing Treasure

Monday, August 12th – Where in Heaven did the Devil come from?

Tuesday, August 13th – Heaven’s Plan for Saving Nevis

Wednesday, August 14th– It’s Heading Straight toward You.

Friday, August 16th –Is Humanity Hopeless?

Thursday nights will be off nights.

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