Thirteen Year Old Junique Gives Back In a Big Way

By:Curtis Morton

Gingerland-Nevis-Miss Junique Pinney is only thirteen years old but the young lady is thinking well beyond her years.

Her mother is Miss Marva Pinney of Cox Village and even though she had an early start to her education, in Nevis, she is now enrolled at a High school in the USA.

Here, she is also enrolled with the Girl scouts of America, troop 285, which has set high standards for the young ladies.

It will not be all play for their summer vacation. Each Girl Scout has been assigned a specific project which they must have successfully completed by their return to the club after the summer break.

Junique has embarked on a very ambitious endeavour which she is currently pursuing with quite some collaborative effort.

It is all a part of the Girls scouts’ silver awards project for cadets in their third year of being a girl scout. This project must be completed in order for them to move to the senior level.

Some of her friends have opted to lead out in projects such as, organizing spas for children affected with Cancer, or visits to seniors’ homes etc.

Her project is referred to as the ‘Whole U Wellness project’ and it is a community project designed to meet the health and wellness needs of vulnerable groups within the community.

It focuses on various aspects of the wellbeing of the community members: Social; spiritual, mental, physical and psychological.

She made contact with the Social Services Department in order to get the names of the individuals in need of assistance.

Effectively, Junique with the aid of family members and with some help from the Ministry of Finance in Nevis, purchased essential items which are necessary for household use and neatly packed fifty (50) baskets, which she has been distributing throughout various communities of the island, over the past few days.

What’s in the packages, you may ask?

‘It’s no secret,’ says Junique with a smile.

They contain: Toothbrushes; toothpaste; wash cloths; oats; milk; toilet paper and vitamins.

With such a positive start to life, there is little doubt that we will be hearing much more about this young lady in the future.

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