Top Student Receives Scholarship Award from the Ministry Of Social Development

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis- A brief ceremony was held at the office of the Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams, Minister of Social Development, in the Nevis Island Administration, on the afternoon of Thursday 13th July 2017.

On that day, due to an initiative of the Honourable Minister, eleven year old Hrishikesh Srinivasan, was presented with a scholarship award, complements of the Ministry of Social Development.

The ceremony was chaired by Mrs. Shelly Liburd, Administrative officer at the Ministry of Social Development, who in her remarks indicated that the scholarship initiative, which has become an annual feature, is given to the top student in the test of standards, each year.

This year, the youthful Srinivasan, captured the prestigious prize, with an average of 96.8% and in the process, scored the best results in Mathematics-99% and the best results in Science-96.7%.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, Mr. Keith Glasgow, in his remarks, indicated that the scholarship package was the brainchild of the Hon Hazel Brandy-Williams and formalized between the Ministries of Social Development and Education.

He pointed out that Minster Brandy-Williams is a person who is interested in excellence and education, hence her drive to award the top student each year.

He then elaborated on the scholarship package which includes a certificate of excellence; a congratulatory letter and a cheque in the amount of $750.00.

In handing over the package, Mr. Glasgow also indicated that the award was non-discriminatory and would be awarded to the best student each year on the island, whether they are nationals or not.

He further pointed out that young Srinivasan will be receiving a similar cheque for each year of his secondary life and even through sixth form. He said once he maintains and upholds the strict standards that are aligned with scholarship award.

Young Srinivasan was very brief in his remarks:

“Thank you”,he said, with a broad smile.

His father, Dr. Srinivasan, who is a professor at the Medical University of the Americas, also added his voice to the proceedings, by congratulating the Ministry of Social Development on a wonderful initiative and noted that hard work pays and that there are no short cuts for hard work.

In closing Mrs. Shelly Liburd encouraged young Srinivasan to continue to work hard and to avoid anti-social behaviours and to remain level headed.

Also present at the ceremony were Miss D. Michelle Liburd, Asst Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development and Mrs. Srinivasan, the mom of the honoured student.

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