By:Curtis Morton

On Saturday, 25th November, the Gender Affairs division, hosted one of several activities which has effectively kept the men in the community focused, during the month of November.

On that day, the division hosted a father and son bike ride and walk, which included all family members as quite a lot of mothers and daughters, also showed up for the event.

Quite a number of persons gathered at the Villa grounds in time for the 6 am start.
The walkers proceeded up the Charlestown Secondary School’s Drive; into Stoney Grove; on to Pump Road; on to the Stuart Williams road; down the Bypass road and then on to Pinney’s.

The bikers on the other hand, left sometime after the walkers and traveled along the island’s main road; on to the Samuel Hunkins Drive circled that drive twice, before proceeding through Old Hospital Road; on to Jessups (for the stronger ones) eventually, everyone assembled at the grounds at Pinney’s.

At Pinney’s, the athletes engaged in some fun activities, which included:
Bike races and walking races.
Well known Nevisian Triathlete, Reggie Douglas assisted in coordinating the event

Several individuals who have assisted in the development of local athletes were also presented with awards.

 Gender Affairs Coordinator, Miss Lorraine Archibald, noted that the general objectives for the observance of international men’s day:

  • Focus on the health of men and boys
  • Improved gender relations
  • Promoting gender equality
  • Highlighting positive male role models

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