Trinidad Has Highest Per Capita Rate Of ISIS Recruitment In Western Hemisphere – US


While there were no known indigenous or foreign terrorist groups operating in Trinidad and Tobago, the United States says the twin-island republic had the highest per capita rate of ISIS recruitment in the Western Hemisphere in 2016.

It also said that the return of these terrorist fighters is of “great concern” to Washington.

In releasing its Country Reports on Terrorism 2016 last week, the United States Department of State says many countries in the region have porous borders, limited law-enforcement capabilities, and established smuggling routes.

“These vulnerabilities offered opportunities to local and international terrorist groups and posed challenges to governments in the region,” it said.

Canada and the Caribbean – particularly Trinidad and Tobago – were sources of foreign terrorist fighters in 2016, it said.

The State Department said the Keith Rowley administration remained a willing US counterterrorism partner and quickly accepted offers of assistance to share border security information, develop a strategy to counter violent extremists and prosecute terrorists.Read More..

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