Twenty-One Students Returned Safely To Nevis from Jamaica

Cover Photo – Nevisian students studying in Jamaica arrival into Nevis (Photo by Lester Blackett)

Charlestown, Nevis – At the Nevis Covid -19 media briefing, held at the Disaster Management Office on Thursday, April 30, 2020, Premier Mark Brantley and Dr. Judy Nisbett both confirmed the return twenty-one (21) students who are studying in Jamaica.

Jamaica has recorded 422 cases of the dreaded virus, with 8 deaths.

According to the information revealed, 53 students from the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, returned safely to the Federation at about 3 pm on Thursday, April 30, 2020.

Twenty-one of these students were warmly welcomed at the Oualie pier and taken to a place of quarantine where they will be lodged for the next 14 days, complete with Wi-Fi access, security and other necessary amenities.

After the 14 days of quarantine, the health authorities will make a determination as to what transpires thereafter.  It is understood that family members are being urged to assist in providing their daily meals.

The updated local report for Nevis as of Thursday, April 30, from Dr. Nisbett, indicated the following:

98 persons tested
92 negative results
2 pending test results
4 confirmed cases
4 isolated cases
213 released from quarantine

She further indicated that all positive cases on Nevis, continue to do well. She urged the general public to continue to practice hand hygiene, physical distancing, wearing of masks and continue to stay at home unless it is necessary for you to go out.

It has been 24 days since the last positive result.

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