Two in succession for the Small Axe Band

The Small Axe Band, popularly known as ‘de sweetest band’, has delivered again for the second consecutive year in capturing the Carnival Road March Title.

small axe bandThe Band got rave reviews from fans for its song, ‘Hardware’ and was adjudged the Sugar Mas 42 2014 Road March Champion with a total of 57 points.

Below are the full carnival results.

TROUPE OF THE YEAR – Colour Me Happy by Fhunn Vybz (361 points) $25,000
1st runner up – Nature’s Fury by Banker Mas Camp (353 points) $18,000
2nd runner up – Tribe by Solid SKB (338 points) $15,000
3rd runner up – Celebration of Festivals by Phunnmakers (306 points) $11,000

Largest troupe –Colour Me Happy by Fhunn Vybz ($2500)
Most colourful – Colour Me Happy by Fhunn Buvz ($2500)
King of the Bands – Colour Me Happy: Rainbow Fantasy – Kajali Hanley-Gumbs
Queen Of The Bands – Nature’s Fury: Tsuanmi – Jonelle Rawlins
Best Individual Ole Mas Player (Jouvert) – Stacey Hobson ($1500)

JOUVERT TROUPE OF THE YEAR – Red Devils: Hawaiian Devils (295 points)
1st runner up: Xtreme Jouvert (271 points)
2nd runner up: Mas Jumbies & Small Axe/Shiggidy Shack – Buccaneers vs Vikings (266 points)

ROAD MARCH WINNER FOR SUGAR MAS 42 – ‘We Got De Hardware’ by Small Axe Band ($10.000) 57 points
1st runner up – Who Send Dem by Grand Masters (44 points)
2nd runner up – Hook by Nu Vybes (21 points)
3rd runner up – Wuk Up Session by Kollision (19 points)

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