Two medical students on Nevis tied up, one escaped while being taken to ATM machine

By: Erasmus Williams
Charlestown, Nevis, July 24, 2019 – Two masked men armed with a firearm and knife tied up two medical students and demanded money.  The students were in their New Castle residence when the two masked men walked into their house through the open front door.

“One was armed with a firearm and the other with a knife. They tied up both students with rope and demanded cash and proceeded to search the house. After they didn’t find any cash, the masked men decided to take the students to the ATM,” according to a report.

It is further reported that while the students were being escorted to a vehicle, owned by the students, one of them saw an opportunity to run through some bushes and over to a nearby house for help.

One masked man set chase and but did not catch the student. The other masked individual however took the other victim to the Bank of Nevis ATM in the vicinity of XPetrol gas station. The assailant stayed in the vehicle while the victim went to the ATM but did not withdraw any funds.

The student reportedly went back to the vehicle and told the assailant that the machine is not working. The masked man then took the student back to the house and again searched the house. However, at that point some other medical students, having heard of the matter came to the house and subsequently the masked man fled the scene.
Police are yet to make a statement on this incident.

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