UK Delegation Donates To Pink Lily Cancer Care

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis- A brief but significant ceremony was held on Monday 16th October at the office of the Communications unit in the Ministry of Social Development.

On that day, Ms. Sheilagh James, of the Ministry of Tourism, presented a gift of 245 pounds to CEO of the Pink Lily Cancer Care foundation, Mrs. Lee Parris –Cambridge.

Ms. James explained that she always wanted to give to the cancer care body and the opportunity came recently, as a delegation from Nevis, attended the Leeds carnival in the UK, in honour of its founder, Mr. Arthur France- a Nevisian.

During the delegation’s time in England, an auction was held during the Nevis night show and the funds raised from that show and auction, was the donation that was being made on the day.

Additionally, Ms. James stated that one of the winners at the auction who would have won a brief stay and a massage, compliments of the prestigious Four Seasons Resort, actually donated those gifts to her and she in turn took the opportunity to donate them to the Pink Lily Cancer Care Foundation, so that it could be utilized by one or more cancer affected individuals or family members.

Mrs. Parris Cambridge in accepting the gifts stated that she was immensely grateful for the kind gesture, as it will go a long way in helping the cause of the cancer affected persons and families in the federation.

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