A one week training camp for Nevis’ top under 13 Footballers, climaxed at the Bath village Playing Field on Tuesday 20th December. 

According to Director of Sports, Jamir Claxton, the under 13 players were chosen from the top players in the Primary schools’ Football league, which was held earlier in the year. 

FIFA referee and local Coach, Kimbell Ward indicated that the camp featured a training of the youngsters in the basic elements, skills and rules of the game of Football. 

The camp climaxed on Tuesday 20th December, with a much anticipated matchup between last year’s trainees and the new squad for this year. 

At the end of the game, the score was 2 goals-all, with the newly trained team hitting home the equalizer just before the final whistle.

Director Claxton further indicated that plans are in place to have the youngsters play other matches against their counterparts in St.Kitts, Montserrat and other islands, as far as it is possible. 

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