Under 21 League finals set for Sunday

By: Curtis Morton

Carl Tuckett for the Sports Department on Nevis, has revealed that the finals for the ongoing under 21 Cricket league, will take place this coming Sunday 25th June. Previously set for last week Sunday, rain had the ultimate say to force the postponement.

The two teams in focus will be Central and Eastern and Tuckett noted that at least four of the top six batsmen and bowlers from the tournament, will feature in the finals.

Some of those players include: Akadianto Willet-leading bowler-Central; Jamie Cornelius-leading batsman-Eastern; 2nd top batsman-Ross Powell-Central; 3rd top batsman-Saeed Williams-Eastern; 2nd top bowler-Carlon Tuckett-Eastern; 3rd top bowler-Tiwan Prentice-Eastern.

In the preliminary games, Eastern won by one wicket and then in game two, Central won by 30 runs.

The game is set for 1.30 pm and the on field umpires are Earl David and Eustace Johnson, while the standby umpire/match referee, is Oscar Browne.

Tuckett noted that the standard of play has been exceptionally high and is asking the general public to come out to witness cricket at its best. He also commended the Windward team which played in the preliminary games and also played some exceptional cricket.

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