Under Team UNITY No One Is Above The Law Declares Minister of Foreign Affairs In Wake Of Recent High Profile Drug Bust and Arrests

Basseterre, St.Kitts (October 6th 2015):-St.Kitts-Nevis Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Premier of Nevis Hon. Mark Brantley is declaring that Law and Order continues to be of paramount priority and importance under the new Team UNITY Administration. Brantley made the declaration via social media in response to the recent high profile drug bust which involved two non-nationals, Obie Baron of Dominica – who was fatally wounded and Greg Williamson of Antigua along with Kenrick Simmonds and Tenielle Percival of St.Kitts. The latter three were on Sunday charged with various offences related to the historic $1Million bust.

Kenrick Simmonds is the son of recently named National Hero Dr Rt Excellency and Rt Honorable Sir Kennedy Simmonds, the first Prime Minister of St.Kitts-Nevis and the father of Independence. Despite the sterling reputation and significant influence of his father the Police charged Kenrick Simmonds for various offences. A situation which flies in the face of the Oppostion SKN Labour Party who have been making claims that Simmonds was not going to be charged and his involvement in the case ignored.

Via his Social Media Facebook Page the Minister of Foriegn Affairs said “I see Labour/NRP(SKN Opposition Coalition) all over social media jumping with joy because the son of our former Prime Minister has been charged with an offence. His guilt or innocence will ultimately be a matter for the Court. To me the real headline here however is that under this new Unity Government, the RULE OF LAW is paramount and no one is above the law. The security forces continue to get the fullest support from UNITY”.

Its a new day in our country and law and order has once again become our priority.”

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