Unhealthy Saharan Dust Blankets the Caribbean

In addition to heat, the orientation of Atlantic High is causing winds to transport dry, dusty and unhealthy air from the Sahara Desert, in Africa, to the Caribbean.

The dust streams across the Caribbean all year round, via the generally easterly wind flow between Africa and the our region. The flow of dust peaks in June and decline to a minimum in December. It is most abundant over the period May to September, when it is often times transported by tropical waves, which originate over Africa.

The dust is a major health concern. Research has shown that the dust causes asthmatic flare ups and other respiratory complaints. The impact of the dust on health is said to be caused mainly by the bacterial and fungal spores it contains.Read More…https://antiguaobserver.com/unhealthy-saharan-dust-blankets-the-caribbean/

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