Unity Team calls for “A Fresh Start” in Stapelton Village

BASSTERRE, St. Kitts, 7th Feb., 2015: “The time is here, the time is now” encourage your neighbors, family and friends, sounded the war cry from Candidate for Constituency #2, Jonel Powell. Powell and many other candidates throughout the evening encouraged the people, saying “better days are coming!” “When you go to the polls to vote for Eugene Hamilton, Candidate for Constituency #8, vote for the Hat!” Said Powell, who concluded by reiterating the national message, Honest Leadership; Change We Deserve!

The Hon. Lindsey Grant, Master of Ceremonies and Candidate for Constituency # 4, continued by reminding the people of the symbols for each constituency. The “hat” is the voting symbol for Constituency # 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8. For Constituencies #3 and 7, vote the “saw.” In Nevis, for Constituencies #9, 10, and 11 the symbol is the “hammer.” Grant called for a “brand new government” under the leadership of Dr. Timothy Harris.

The Hon. Sam “The Saw” Condor of West Basseterre, Constituency #3 Candidate took to the podium. “The victory is here already, we’re just waiting to see the manifestation on February 16,” he said. Condor thanked the people for their encouragement and support and charged the people to give thanks to God for his blessing.” He went on to outline three major issues plaguing the country; National Security, creating mobile police stations and addressing labor issues. “We can’t progress as a nation if we don’t feel secure,” he said. Condor spoke of improving the morale of the police and taking guns off the street, an amnesty program also advanced by Jonel Powell in Constituency #2. He outlined a plan to put people to work, to address issues of collective bargaining. “20% of the working population is on minimum wage,” he said.

Several Candidates endorsed the Hon. Eugene “The Hat” Hamilton, Constituency #8, referring to his outstanding record, and contributions to Parliament, calling him the “Best Man for the Job.” Grant spoke of the collective 94 years of service by members of the Team, while PAM leader, the Hon. Shawn Richards of Constituency #5, hailed Hamilton as “a Parliamentarian for all the People.” Richards said “Government has bankrupted the country, leaving no option to improve your standard of Living,” as he advanced solutions of making the PEP permanent and sustainable.

The Hon. Kennedy A. Simmonds, heralded as the first Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, spoke to the crowd saying “he could not stand aside and not lend a helping hand.” Simmonds described being appalled by the dismantling of the Parliament on January 16, 2015. He too spoke of the exemplary service of the Hon. Eugene Hamilton, saying to the crowd, “Only you the people can turn back this evil.” He spoke of the Citizen by Investment program that was said to be corrupted by the current administration and the selling of passports to foreigners and “pocketing” the money, instead of putting it into the government’s coffers. Simmonds concluded by calling Team Unity, “a ray of hope, a ray of light and a ray of sunshine” saying “bridging political differences, we must band together to ensure Team Unity wins the length and breadth of St. Kitts and Nevis.”

The Hon. Eugene Hamilton took to the podium, having been introduced by a member of his constituency, who cited his many accomplishments, record of service and character. Ms. Aviana Stevens summarized by saying, “with Hamilton in Government, we in #8 will be great.” Hamilton continued by endorsing the principles of “a fair share for all.” “This is a historic moment in time, three parties putting aside political differences” he said, while calling on the people to embrace this historical moment.

Incoming Prime Minister, The Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris wrapped up the evening also advancing the many attributes of Hamilton. He spoke of his maturity, honesty, and professional service. “We’re expecting a massive victory on February 16,” said Harris, “Dr. Simmonds was right, this injustice has to be settled by you.” He continued, “On January 16, the outgoing government hijacked Parliament and robbed us of our right to choose,” he said. “The courts ruled the matter political immorality.” “St. Kitts and Nevis must correct the wrong.” “Do you want more of the same?” He challenged the people, offering instead a “Fresh Start” as the guiding principle of Team Unity.

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