Update In Pharmcare R.O.T.O. 16 and Under Basketball Tournament

The Dynamic G Stars 16 and under Basketball team from Nevis, had mixed fortunes in the last two matches they played in the PHARMCARE R.O.T.O. 16 and under Basketball tournament, being played in St. Kitts.
They went under to AHSP Runnerz by five points
Game summary:
AHSP Runnerz-41 Dynamic G Stars 36
Lead scorers for Runnerz
Gary Thompson 14; Niquan Hobson 19
Lead scorers for G Stars
Kejahno Williams 7; Clive Evelyn 6
In another match, the Dynamic G Stars however, bounced back to defeat Old Road Warriors by all of 30 points.
Game summary:
Dynamic G Stars 70 Old Road Warriors 40
1st quarter G Stars 14 Warriors 12
2nd quarter G stars 17 Warriors 3
3rrd quarter G stars 21 Warriors 7
4th quarter G stars 18 Warriors 18
Lead scorers for G Stars
Kejahno Williams 15; Clive Evelyn 10
Lead scorer for Warriors
J’Quante Fraser 16

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