Gingerland-Nevis-Family members and friends, showed their love and appreciation for the matriarch of the family, Mrs. Ursula Rogers of Old Manor, who celebrated her 90th birthday on Tuesday 7th February.

The celebration which attracted some of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren from overseas, was held at her home.

The proceedings were ably chaired by Rev. Salome James who read a profile of the celebrant and  pointed to the fact that Ms. Rogers is a child of God and one who is very precise in the manner she has lived her life.

She stated that she is also a relative of Ms. Rogers and indicated that she not only travelled quite a bit but was a hard working individual who returned home for keeps in 1987 and has been an active member of the Church Of God at Fenton Hill.

A scripture passage was read by Community Care Giver, Miss Glorita Vaughn and this was followed by a presentation by Asst. Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, Miss D. Michelle Liburd who prior to presenting the celebrant with a plaque and a fruit basket, on behalf of the Ministry and the City Drugstore, said that she really would have loved to see her birth certificate, as she does not look like she is 90.

She referred to her as a strong woman of faith and character. ‘For you we take out the addition tables, until you get to that significant milestone of 100,’ she said.

Ms. Rogers was brief and to the point: ‘Am thanking you all for being here today and am thanking the Lord for spared life for keeping me to see this milestone….and I give him all the glory,’ she said.

The celebration concluded with the singing of the chorus: “Your grace and mercy brought me through;’ the singing of the birthday song; the cutting of the birthday cake and a toast to the good health of the celebrant.

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