Valentine Lindsey to Lead Newly Elected Pam Executive

PAM Press Release

Over 200 members including 126 official delegates of the St.Kitts-Nevis main oposition party the People’s Action Movement elected a new team to manage the affairs of the party over the next year.

The party held its 49th annual caucus or delegates convention on Wednesday Evening May 7th at which the party and it‘s various groups and organisations discussed and analysed the issues and concerns of the last year as well as discussing the way forward for the party .

The highlight of the evening’s proceedings was undoubtedly the election of officers of the Party’s executive. After some discussions and deliberations Valentine Lindsay was elected as Party Chairman with Vanessa Phipps as his Deputy. Mr. Sydney Osborne was elected Treasurer while Ms. Rhyllis Percival was elected Assistant General Secretary. Antonio Nias was elected as the party’s Public Relations Officer. As per the party’s constitution the Party Leader will appoint the General Secretary.

The delegates unanimously elected the Hon. Eugene Hamilton and Jonel Powell as the party‘s two Deputy Political Leaders .

Party Leader Hon. Shawn K. Richards expressed his satisfaction with the delegates convention and suggested that the event reflected the vibrancy of the party and the immense enthusiasm of the membership.

“The delegates convention was an enthusiastic, exciting and exuberant event and we are truly satisfied that the party remains as dynamic, vibrant and popular as ever,” said Richards

The newly elected executive has a perfect blend of youth and experience and is described by Chairman-Elect Valentine Lindsay as a 21st Century Executive for a 21st Century party.

The Executive Officers Positions will be ratified at the Party’s 49th Annual Convention in two weeks.

The full Executive comprises the following persons in the following positions:

· Political Leader Hon. Shawn K. Richards

· Deputy Political Leader Hon. Eugene Hamilton

· Deputy Political Leader Jonel Powell

· Chairman- Valentine Lindsay

· Deputy Chairperson –Vanessa Phipps

· Treasurer Sydney Osbourne

· Assistant General Secretary- Rhylliss Percival

· Public Relations Officer – Antonio Nias

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