Video shows female student of the Charlestown Secondary School being beaten by other female students

Nevispages Reporter

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- A cell phone video of a school yard brawl at the Charlestown Secondary School has gone viral. The incident is said to have taken place on Wednesday, March 25, 2015. The video is said to depict two female students brutally beating another female counterpart while in full uniform on the grounds of the learning institution.

The graphic one minute and seventeen seconds video shows two female students, said to be in first form, in blue tunics and white blouses engaged in a verbal confrontation. The video also recorded another female who is believed to be in a higher form at the same school; with a stone in her hand as if she was anticipating for a physical fight to ensue. Other students gathered around and observed.

From the video it was witnessed that the fight began when one of the girls slapped the other girl. At this time both first formers held on to each other. The third female (the one with the stone) then joined in the fight to assist the apparent instigator of the altercation, to beat up on the apparent victim.

At the end of the video it was noticed that the victim’s head was bleeding.

Many parents have expressed disgust at what took place on the video. The language used by the apparent perpetrator has also caused much concern.

This video comes weeks after a video was circulated of a similar incident that occurred at the Washington Archibald High School on St. Kitts.

That video showed a female on the ground and a male on top of her punching her while other students stood and observed. The video displayed the male ending his attack by kicking the female in her head leaving her motionless.

Nevispages understands that the EMS was called to the scene.

A few days after that incident at the WAHS, Minister of Education in the Federal Government, Hon. Shawn Richards stated that the Ministry of Education has zero tolerance for violence in schools.

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