Viola Dore Celebrates Her 90th Birthday

Gingerland, Nevis – She was surrounded by most of her children, other family members, and friends.  Some would have traveled from far countries, just to be there for the special occasion.
She would not disappoint. She was splendiferously attired and there was an aura of royalty in the air.

It was Tuesday 15th October and it was the 90th birthday of Mrs. Viola Dore. The special celebratory occasion, took place at her home in Scarborough, in Hanley’s Road.

As per usual, when there are such significant happenings, the Ministry of Social Development was present in full force.  The proceedings were ably chaired by Coordinator of the Seniors’ Division, Miss Trudy Prentice.

Mrs. Dore offered prayer and praise to God, and then the official invocation was done by one of her sons, Wrenford Dore.

This was followed by the scripture reading, rendered by one of her daughters, Rev. Fernella Dore-Mills.  All present, then joined in the lusty singing of the popular hymn, ‘Great is thy faithfulness.’  Three of her sons, the well-known ‘DORE BROTHERS’, joined with Sister Fernella to render a medley of popular choruses, much to the delight of all present.

A special presentation of a certificate and fruit basket was then made by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, Mr. Keith Glasgow, who lauded Mrs. Dore for her significant contributions within the Nevisian community and referred to the special celebration, as a ‘victory for life over death.’  He pointed out that the presentation was made by his Ministry, in collaboration with the City Drug Store.

Everyone joined in with the singing of the birthday song, accompanied expertly on keyboards, by another of her sons, Lanny Dore.

In giving her response, Mrs. Dore thanked God for bringing her thus far and admonished all in her hearing to ‘give your hearts to Jesus.’  She also thanked her children, the Ministry of Social Development and all who would have helped her throughout the years.

The vote of thanks was delivered by one of her granddaughters, Mrs. Alison Dore-Arthurton.

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