Virgil Browne disagrees with location for new pier on Oualie Beach

The nominated candidate for the Nevis Reformation Party in St .James’ Parish does not agree with proposed pier that is to be built at Oualie Beach by the CCM led NIA. Work is expected to start in just a couple of weeks.

Speaking at a Press conference held by the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) on Tuesday, April 19, 2017, Brown noted that the proposed $5 million dollar pier will be placed at the last “good beach” on the island. Brown suggested other locations where the pier may be erected. He pointed out an area at the Sea Bridge, one southern to the current location and his preferred site at New Castle’s Fisher’s Bay.

He claimed that the Minister in charge of the project, Hon. Alexis Jeffers is trying to erect the pier with no Environmental Impact Assessment, (EIA).

“The project in the Mosquito Bay area will begin late April early May. He (Hon. Jeffers) is not even trying to seek approval from the different communities which the pier will affect. In my mind I have a problem with that,” he said.

He noted that because the area is shallow, dredging will have to be done and that will cause some environmental concerns

When questioned by Nevispages if he would abandon the USD $5million project if elected to begin another, Browne indicated “if the property can be resold”. “Just as the property was sold it can be resold,” he said.

He said that the house that is currently on the property can be used for persons who wish to obtain their boat captain’s licenses, and scuba diving licenses. He further indicated that the NIA can offer beach safety life guard training and other such courses as sea training is becoming an important part of the area.

The property on which this proposed pier is to be located was purchased by the NIA at a cost of USD $1.2 million.

This proposed pier will be the second pier on the Oualie Beach (Mosquito Bay). The other is located a few feet away from the proposed site.

Browne also expressed concerns about the safety of persons who will be swimming on the beach. He feared that with the two piers in such close proximity, and the divers that frequent the area, no thought was put into safety by the NIA. He indicated it is concerns such as those that would be addressed by an EIA.

Browne indicated that persons had informed him that the position of the NIA is that it does not need an EIA ‘to plant four pillars in the water’. Browne indicated that he does not believe that with the lives and livelihoods of person under threat that this would be the attitude of the NIA. He further indicated that he has already been in touch with the Department of Physical Planning and he will be making follow up inquiries of members of the NIA.


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