Combermere-Nevis-If one was to visit the VOJN Primary school, one would immediately notice that something different is happening at the school.

On the gate at the entrance, are two wreaths, a signal of the commemoration of the great loss of a beloved teacher, Miss Delceta DELI Warde, who passed away suddenly, exactly one week ago.

Principal of the school, Mrs. Shea Wilkin and other members of staff, took time from their busy schedule, earlier this week, to express fond memories of the former grades five and six teacher, who also doubled that up with her role, as deputy Principal of the school.

They spoke of her work ethics; her direct involvement and influence in every school activity and her endearing smile.

To a man and woman, they wondered how the school would proceed without her.

The children have received special counselling sessions and some of the students also took time out to share excerpts of a special song that they will render at the funeral service, which is yet to be finalized.

The teachers and students have also created an EXPRESSIONS board, on which are written many positive comments about the late Educator, who at fifty, was really in the prime of her life.

Also paying tribute to the late Delceta, were Mr. Tim Thuell, Manager at the prestigious Nisbett’s Plantation Inn, where DELI worked as a popular bar tender, prior to becoming a teacher.

Two of her dear friends, who met her in the late 80’s as guest of the hotel, also had words of commendation for DELI and indicated that after meeting her that first time, they always came back year after year, to spend time with her, as a life time friend.

It is understood that the upcoming Sports meet for the school, which is slated for Tuesday 13th March, will be dedicated in her honour, as she was an avid sports enthusiast.


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