VOJN Primary School Graduation Ceremony 2016

The VOJN Primary School hosted its 2016 Graduation ceremony at the Combermere Methodist Church on Thursday, June 30, 2016.

Five students made the walk of success in the presence of their family and friends who had gathered to share in their success.

The ceremony was held under the patronage of Ms. Juanita Roberts, and it celebrated the achievements of the teachers, students and parents.

The class of 2016, comprised of five graduates.  The Top Boy award went to Alvano Brown. Top Girl went to Kelcie Cozier. Best Language and Science awards went to Saheed Morton, Shaheen Roberts was awarded the most improved student. Kimani Nisbett gained the award for the student most willing to work.

The Principal, Mrs. Shea Wilkin reinforced in the school’s report the theme “Nurturing the value of Education: A sure asset for success”. Students were advised to, “Envision the finish- Be true Olympian thinkers, stay committed to their school work and triumph as successful citizens”.

Featured speaker Mrs. Ermelita Elliot and Mrs. Ilena MIlls Education Officer expressed the need for students to nurture their educational garden for success in their respective speeches.

The commendation of graduates was done by Headteacher Mrs. Shea Wilkin, Deputy Head teacher Mrs. Julie Pemberton and the last two significant teachers of the graduates, Ms. Atalia Jeffers and Ms. Delceta Ward. They all instructed the graduates to continue, “Aspiring for the Best!”


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