VOJN Wins Inaugural Checkers Competition

Probation officer at the Probation and Family Division of the Social Services Department, Leostone Morrison, summed it up nicely:
‘It’s the first ever Checkers competition and we have three participating schools: VOJN; St. Thomas’ Primary and the Charlestown Primary School.’
The event was held at the Nevis Cooperative Credit Union’s conference room, on Friday 5th July.
Morrison further went on to explain some of the benefits of playing the game of Checkers:
Promotes memory recall; develops concentration; helps in problem solving; encourages self-esteem and sound judgement, among other things.
He noted that the game will also help persons to develop good character traits and become positive persons within the community.
At the end of the intense sessions of immense concentration, the following pronouncements were made:

VOJN Primary-champions-5 ½ points

2nd place-Charlestown Primary- 4 ½

3rd place-St. Thomas’ Primary-4 points

Top individual winners:

Herbert of VOJN

Willet of Charlestown Primary

Isaac of St. Thomas’ Primary

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