Wattley “not surprised” PM Harris embroiled in Peter Virdee-Antigua-St. Kitts Bribery Scandal

By:Erasmus Williams
Basseterre, St. Kitts, May 19, 2018 – Douglas Wattley said he is not surprised to learn that the Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris has become embroiled in the Peter Virdee-Antigua-St. Kitts Bribery Scandal.
“I am only disappointed. I am disappointed, in part, because he thinks he could get away with this behavior. Those of us who dealt with him in the PLP know this side of the Prime Minister. He is a man devoid of integrity. He has a defective moral compass,” said Wattley, who is the former chairman of Harris’ Peoples Labour Party (PLP).

Wattley also said he is disappointed with persons who are trying to both enable and defend Dr. Harris.

“They know him as well because it is impossible to miss that side of him. Yet, we voted for this Prime Minister because he offered himself as an improvement on the former Prime Minister. He promised to do better; he promised to repair any damage done to the country’s reputation by the past administration. But alas all we have gotten only is a diminution in the country’s brand reputation at home and abroad,” Wattley said on his FaceBook blog.

“We are a laughing stock; people are pointing fingers at us. And the sad thing is that the members of the Federal Cabinet are either powerless to clean house or they are complicit in this or other criminal ventures. In any case, shame on you all!” said Wattley.

He also said one of the reasons that some members of the original PLP came out against the Prime Minister is that “we saw and were told of actions by this individual that mirror what all of us learned about him in the case just concluded in England.”

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