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St. Kitts Meteorological Services
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St. Kitts
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The St. Kitts Meteorological Services is closely monitoring an active tropical wave that is approximately 1200miles to the southeast of St. Kitts- Nevis. All the models that we are using to assess the system are indicating a high probability of the system developing into either a Depression or a Storm as it approaches the island chain.

Based on the early projections, the center of this system once it has developed should pass through the Windward Islands. Along this projected path, the system will pass well to the south of the federation and thus minimizing the chances of us receiving any significant winds.

Nonetheless, showers and thunderstorms are likely to move over the islands Wednesday and Thursday. Seas are expected to be very rough Wednesday and Thursday with possible heights of 12ft on Wednesday and reducing slightly on Thursday to 10ft. Due to this expected rough sea conditions, strong warnings will be put in place for Wednesday and Thursday. Mariners and sea bathers are urged to exercise extreme caution as the seas are forecast to become dangerously rough. Residents living in close proximity to the coastline along the Old Road to Sandy Point route should closely monitor the seas and be prepared to respond if their property is threatened by the expected rough seas and likely battering waves.

The St. Kitts Meteorological Services will continue to closely monitor this system as it approaches the island chain and is projected to develop. Residents are advised to pay close attention to future updates and advisories as they become necessary.

Elmo Burke, MSc.
Senior Meteorological Officer
St. Kitts Meteorological Services


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