West Indies Power Nevis Ltd – Press Release:WIP´S

License not been cancelled, award to Other Company is illegal.

Charlestown, Nevis, November 21, 2013) Kerry McDonald, CEO of West Indies Power (Nevis) LTD (WIPN) stated that the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) has illegally awarded ¨Nevis Renewable Energy International¨ the rights to develop geothermal resources in Nevis.

McDonald noted that the NIA has no rights to award a development contract for the geothermal resources on Nevis to any other company since these rights are currently held by WIPN.

He further indicated that ¨the License held by WIPN to develop the geothermal resources on Nevis has not been cancelled by the NIA. The NIA has claimed that WIPN has defaulted on the terms of its License and WIPN has responded that these accusations by the NIA are untrue¨.

¨The question if WIPN defaulted on the contract with the NIA is now in the Courts. No decision has been made in this case¨, he stressed.


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