Why isn’t everybody celebrating 25 most remarkable teens?

A commentary by Neville Bartlette

Wednesday was a good day in St Kitts and Nevis, we did something that should make us all very proud. We celebrated success and the future all in one remarkable event, as 25 of our most remarkable teenagers were honoured.

Yes indeed Wednesday was a good day.

But among all the celebration there was something rotten. An absence duly noted. For the second year running, the opposition were absent from the celebrations. Do they think it unnecessary to celebrate the achievements of 25 truly remarkable individuals? Do they consider the event beneath them? Their absence is one of the lowest moments in the PAM/PLP/CCM concoctions disrespect of the people St Kitts and Nevis.

Nine young persons from Nevis – the highest number in the events history. It was a crying shame that some of those young men and women didn’t have a chance to receive their honour from their representatives.

To those watching the ceremony on Wednesday night, it was obvious that these remarkable young men and women will one day lead this nation. They are our future leaders in industry, commerce and politics, but they had to walk past empty opposition benches.

What message does it send to those remarkable individuals that the so-called ‘loyal opposition’ could not make it down from their bar stools to show their appreciation for the talent, commitment, and dedication that the youth have shown.

I guess it would put them to shame knowing that every one of those young people have their measure. Not one of those men, absent from the opposition benches, dare look those young people in the eye – they are too blinded by their own lust for power.

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