‘Wo-Manhandled’ – 40 Per Cent Of Jamaican Men Battered By Their Women; Policeman Sticks With Abusive Wife For 15 Years

As a member of the police force he was feared on the streets, but Michael*, a recent divorcee, admits that he was often abused by his girlfriend and later his wife, but did not retaliate because of his childhood pledge to never hit a woman.

Michael, who is no longer in the force, said despite weighing more than 180 pounds and standing more than six feet tall, this was never a deterrent to his female abusers, who used their tongues to inflict pain when they weren’t using their hands.Read More …..http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/lead-stories/20160911/wo-manhandled-40-cent-jamaican-men-battered-their-women-policeman

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