Work continuing on Montserrat geothermal project

BRADES, Montserrat (GIU) — Work still continues at the site of the two geothermal wells in Montserrat, says Director of Public Works Ron Beardsley.

The official was responding to queries about the progress on the project now that the Iceland Drilling Company (IDC) has completed its work here. Residents have expressed concern about the roaring that can be heard from the geothermal wells and whether they were unattended.

“Well MON-01 is currently flowing and long term testing, which will take approximately three weeks, is about to commence,” explained Beardsley. “Although IDC have left site we have an experienced drilling engineer from Capuano Engineering, who project-managed the drilling phase on behalf of government, who remains in full time attendance.”

The second well, called MON-02, “is shut in and is currently warming up after the drilling phase. Testing of this well will follow on after completion of testing of well MON-01. On completion of testing both wells will be shut in as we move into the next phase of development,” the public works official explained.

The government, with the financial support of Britain’s Department for International Development, decided to dig two exploratory wells that it is hoped can fuel a 5MW power plant, enough to supply the present and future needs of Montserrat.

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