Basseterre, St. Kitts, November 26, 2015 (SKNIS): Nezrene Roberts, a member of the St. Kitts National Youth Parliamentarian Association (SKNYPA), presented on methods being taken to address the water situation during a special parliamentary sitting on November 25, 2015.

Ms. Roberts acting in the role of Minister of Public Works, Transport and Utilities, addressed the water situation, which had marked similarity to what is currently taking place in the Federation.  She said that her government was doing everything to ensure that there is water throughout the land and that the matter will be solved as soon as possible.  The methods undertaken to address the water shortage were also identified.

The mock Minister responsible for Public Utilities detailed that data presented by the Director of the Water Department stated that the Federation’s average annual rainfall is 55 inches which goes to the two main sources of water, namely six surface sources and underground wells.

“Continuous rainfall causes these catchments to store sufficient water needed to supply our people,” Ms. Roberts said.  “However in recent times the data have shown a drastic decrease in the level of water.  So Mr. Speaker the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis, the people’s Government understands that there is a low source from surface water and little to no replenishing of our water sources.”

She outlined the solutions which included water rationing and duty-free concessions to be given to households interested in installing cisterns of at least 500 gallons.

Advice was also given to the corporate community, government and households.

“Businesses and Government are advised to implement a contingency water management plan, daily monitoring their water metres so they can see the spiking levels and where we can actually conserve water,” Ms. Roberts said, further encouraging business places to have on-site water storage receptacles.  “I want to advise our citizens of this beloved Federation, rather than us using the hose to water the grass or to wash our cars – how about us using a bucket to wash our cars, yes a bucket.  It might not be the ideal situation but it will help us to conserve water and also to preserve it for future generations.”

Other proposals included developing a school curriculum module which stresses the importance of conservation, respecting one’s environment and taking care of it; promotions and workshops for various business places and other organisations; and penalties and fines for persons who are found intentionally wasting water.

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