Youthful Doctor Outlines Four Point Plan to Reduce Incidences of Renal Failure

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis—She was introduced by former speaker of the Nevis island Assembly’s parliament, Mrs. Marjorie Morton who indicated that she was always an outstanding academic, from as early as her primary school years, when she was the ace student in her test of standards examination. She then moved on to the Charlestown Secondary School where she also excelled and where she was the most outstanding student in vocational subjects in the region.

At the sixth form level, she was got the third highest pass in science within the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.
Later at the University of the West Indies, she graduated with a BA in Medicine and Surgery in 2014 and has now returned to her homeland Nevis, to give back to her community and currently works at the Alexandra hospital.

Mrs. Morton was speaking of Dr. Florelle Hobson, who delivered a masterful feature address at the annual Nevis Renal Society Dinner, held at the OCCASIONS, on the evening of Saturday 7th November.

As the 26 year old youthful Doctor addressed the packed room of persons contributing to a worthy cause, she elaborated on some of the reasons for renal failure and advised that the incidences of the illness can be drastically reduced, once persons adhere to her four point plan:

• Be careful with your grocery list. Watch what you buy.
• Watch your plate. Again emphasis was placed on what was consumed. Fruits and vegetables should now form a major part of any meal.
• Watch your ATTITUDE. In order for the plan to work, persons must be willing to react positively to change that would enhance their health and wellbeing.
• Get tested. She advised that kidney testing was available at the Alexandra Hospital and urged all present to get their kidneys tested at least once per year.
She received a standing ovation from her appreciative audience.

Section of attendees at dinner
Section of attendees at dinner

Prior to her address, the invocation was delivered by Ms. Marilyn Halliday and the national anthem was rendered via pre-recorded music.
Two special awards were presented: One to Mr. Charles HORSE Claxton who suffered from renal failure, but was fortunate to get a kidney transplant in 2005 and has since been doing well.
The other award was presented to Mr. Carl Small, former Police Officer, who also suffered from renal failure in 1992. His daughter Miss Lonia Small, collected the award in his absence.

The profile of Mr. Claxton was read by Ms. Angela Hanley and the profile for Mr. Small was read by Ms Sherolyn Pemberton.

Mrs. Alexa Pemberton
Mrs. Alexa Pemberton

All present were then treated to a sumptuous dinner and then long serving President of the Nevis Renal Society, Mrs. Alexa Pemberton, gave brief remarks.

She thanked everyone for contributing to the worthy cause of assisting individuals who have suffered from renal failure and their families. She pointed out that so far for this year, 2015, the society has assisted affected persons to the tune of $17,100.00, which is actually double the statistics for the years 2013 and 2014 put together. A total of eight patients received monetary assistance.

She pleaded with persons present to become members of the Association and noted that the ultimate goal of securing a dialysis machine for the island of Nevis, is still very much on the cards.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Miss Florene Williams.
Music was supplied by Gavin Wattley and the program was chaired by Curtis Morton.
Scheduled remarks by Health Planner, Ms. Shelissa Martin were not delivered, as she was absent

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