It was like a free for all, buffet dinner.

The action was at the ET Willet Park on Tuesday 5th December, as the local Football league continued, with a much anticipated matchup between two youthful teams: The high riding Youths of the Future and Bath United.

From the outset, the two young goal keepers, on opposite ends of the field, had their work cut out for them, as they were constantly tested.

It appeared as if Santa Claus had arrived early and was sharing merrily from his bag of goals.

By half time, the score line was 4 goals to 2, in favour of the Youths of The Future.

One minute into the second half, ACKBO ran through, following a defensive error by Bath and just tapped it in, away from the hapless goalie.

Make that 5 goals to 2, in favour of the Youths.

Bath responded quickly however, as the young goalie for the Youths, bent down to collect with his hands, a ball knocked to him, by one of his defenders.

A free kick was awarded from close range and was duly bombed home, as if the wall put in place, was nonexistent.

Youths of the Future 5 Bath 3.

The Youths then, for good measure, knocked home yet another, later in the half, to end the game with a score line of 6 goals to 3, in their favour.


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