By Curtis Morton Sr

It’s April 1st 2020. A day known around the world as ALL FOOLS’ DAY.

Today was originally designated as the day for arguably, the biggest event on the Nevisian sporting calendar -The Gulf Insurance Inter Primary Sports Meet or the MINI OLYMPICS.

Someone told me earlier in the year, that the meet won’t be held and when I asked why, he responded: ‘Who they think they fooling?  No race will be held on All fools’ day!”

Well, I regarded that as a mere joke, but now COVID-19 has made it a reality.

The Mondo track which would have been bustling with activity, with vendors setting up their stalls and organizers setting up their tents and equipment…

Today, the Mondo track is like a virtual ghost town.  The silence here is deafening.

Today, you won’t hear the loud shouts for the various schools and athletes.

Today, people on Nevis are restricted to their homes. Thanks to COVID-9.

We look forward to a brighter tomorrow and real energy at the track later this year or next year – by God’s grace.

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