SKNFA Results 30th April – 2nd May 2024

Delroy Jeffers
Tuesday 30th April 2024

Division 1 at NBGC Technical Center

Match 1: Conaree Fireballs Vs Fast Cash Saddlers United
Half-time score: 1-0 in favor of Saddlers
Final score: 2-1 in favor of Fast Cash Saddlers United

Scoring for Fireballs: Harold Wharton (48th min)
Scoring for Saddlers: Ron Johnson (27th min), Kurt Mills (55th min)
Yellow card: Jaheem Rubaine (Saddlers) (90th min)

Match Officials: David Phipps, Makeyla Audain, Tyra Wilkinson & Jody Walters
General Coordinator: Kassie Mardenborough

Match 2: Rivers Of Living Water vs TGE Dieppe Bay Eagles
Rivers of Living Water did not have enough players to start the match at kick-off time

Match Officials: Zoend Browne, Latoya James, Raynic Bartlette & David Phipps

Match 3: Mantab vs Jones Group Sandy Point
Half-time score: 2-0 in favor of Mantab
Final score: 3-0 in favor of Mantab

Scoring for Mantab: Austin Lewis (Sandy point – own goal) (14th min), Sylvester Alexander (25th min), Kevil Seaton (73rd min)
Yellow cards for Sandy Point: Quince Marsham (8th min), Jahlyan Burt (28th min), Troy Bassue (42nd min), Kori Phillip (74th min)
Yellow cards for Mantab: Arvil Challenger (41st min), Odarian Jeffers (54th min), Sylvester Alexander (90th + 2 min)

Match Officials: Jody Walters, Jaden Rouse, Alexis Joseph & Shandor Wilkinson
General Coordinator: Lydia Hanley

Thursday 2nd May 2024

Division 1 at the NBGC Technical Center

Match 1: Molineux Vs Security Forces United
Half-time score: 1-0 in favor of Security Forces
Final score: 2-1 in favor Security Forces United

Scoring for Security Forces: Shamar Douglas (20th min), Dion Dolphin (66th min)
Scoring for Molineux: Khaml Watley (90th + 3min)
Yellow cards: Chavez Jarvis (Molineux) (18th min), Ossie Bute (Molineux) (60th min), Darren Brookes (Molineux) (81st min)

Match Officials: Trevester Richards, Tyra Wilkinson, Kenwin Collins & David Phipps
General Coordinator: Jason Procope

Match 2: 607 Const, Lodge Patriots vs KFC Trinity/Challengers United
Half-time score: 2-1 in favor of Lodge Patriots
Final score: 3-2 in favor of Lodge Patriots

Scoring for Lodge: Josh Liburd (2 goals – 12th & 21st mins), Jemari Trotman (90th min)
Scoring for Trinity/Challengers: Hasani Rouse (18th min), Viktor Browne (90th + 3min)
Yellow cards: Shaquel Stanley (Challengers) (14th min), Orrin Hughes (Head-coach of Challengers) (90th min)

Match Officials: Reginald Gumbs, Makeyla Audain, Jaden Rouse & Kareem Benjamin
General Coordinator: Kimberly Tucker-Gumbs

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