Prime Minister Mottley Advocates for Responsible Use of Tools and Weapons

Source : CNW
Barbados Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley has emphasized the crucial need for teaching the region’s youth to wield tools and weapons with respect, highlighting the potential for positive outcomes when utilized responsibly.

Her remarks follow the conclusion of Exercise Tradewinds 24, held in Barbados.

Addressing the challenge
Mottley invoked the well-known adage, ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people,’ urging a reconsideration of how younger generations are educated about firearms, phones, and other potentially empowering devices.

She underscored the juxtaposition between the prevalence of gun-related crimes across many Caribbean territories and the optimistic enthusiasm observed among youth during Tradewinds Open Day at the Paragon Base, where these same weapons were viewed as tools for safety and security on a broader scale.

Acknowledging regional realities
Speaking to service men and women representing over 22 nations across the Americas and Europe, Mottley acknowledged the escalating challenge of gun-related violence in the Caribbean region.

She emphasized the individual responsibility within society to handle weapons with integrity, stressing that tools like guns do not possess inherent moral agency but rather reflect the values of their users.

The role of education and technology
Commending the impact of Exercise Tradewinds 24, Mottley highlighted the importance of educating young people on responsible use of tools of power, including not only firearms but also technologies like smartphones.

She emphasized the need to instill respect and responsibility in youth, particularly in light of ongoing discussions surrounding cybercrime legislation.

Empowering youth through service
Looking ahead, Mottley called for greater opportunities for youth engagement in service organizations such as Cadets and Scouts.

She emphasized the importance of preparing young people to handle tools and weapons responsibly, recognizing the potential for sudden challenges like natural disasters to necessitate swift action from the next generation.

A vision for the future
Expressing her vision for the region, Mottley advocated for expanded opportunities for teenage boys and girls to participate in service organizations, particularly in Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

She underscored the importance of equipping young people with the skills and mindset necessary to navigate real-world pressures and serve their communities effectively.

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