18 year old sentenced to 12 months for stealing

By Monique Washington


After repeatedly facing the Magistrate Yasmine Clarke while a juvenile for the offence of stealing, 18 year old Dashan Liburd has been sentenced to Her Majesty’s Prison for the next 12 months.


Liburd appeared at the Magistrate’s Court in Charlestown on Tuesday, March 21, 2017, and pleaded guilty to stealing over EC $4000.00 worth of items which included a laptop, tablet, and a phone, and over $500.00 in coins. The incident took place on December 02, 2016.


Although the virtual complainant pleaded to the court not to impose a custodial sentence, Magistrate Clarke told the young man that he had appeared before her numerous times in the past for stealing.


Magistrate Clarke informed Liburd that this time, because he is an adult his parents cannot pay a fine for him.  Magistrate Clarke convicted the young man of stealing and sentenced him to 12 months in Her Majesty’s Prison.


Liburd was recently a resident at the New Horizon Home in St .Kitts upon him turning 18 when he was released.



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