2018: A Year of Many Uncompleted Projects in Nevis says Hector

By Nevis Reformation Party 

Charlestown, Nevis (Thursday, January 10, 2019) -What has been achieved by the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) led Nevis Island Administration under the Premier, Hon. Mark Brantley for his one year of leadership? This was the question asked by leader of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP), Mr. Robelto Hector in his 2019 New Year’s message.

“The records will show that the CCM has spent its first year in office in this new term with a new leader and with little to show,” said Mr. Hector.

According to the NRP leader, 2018 in Nevis has been a year of “more style than substance while a love of publicity has taken precedence over a love of humanity.”

As an example, Mr. Hector noted that the CCM Administration started some six projects in 2017, which were continued on in 2018 and “today as we enter 2019 none have been completed”.

He named the Brown Hill Road, Craddock Road and Bath Road projects which were all started, stopped, continued and stopped again without any being finished.

The Former Minister of Communications and Public Works said that “the Hospital project, the proposed pier at Oualie and the new eyesore called a “financial complex” in Charlestown have all meandered along without funding, a number of planning issues and a number of various shenanigans.”

Hector noted, “One cannot imagine any General Manager starting all of these projects at one time and having all of them sitting in limbo. A Chief Executive Officer of this standard would have been fired. We would have thought that with prudence, one would finish one road before hurriedly starting another.”

Finally, Mr. Hector concluded, “Nevis has witnessed a leader that is obsessed with pictures of himself in foreign lands, on Facebook and on Instagram, while here at home, Nevis like Rome is burning. The leader has forgotten that all politics are local.”

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