A Flash Flood Warning Is In Immediate Effect for St Kitts and Nevis

Weather Bulletin
Issued at: 7pm Saturday 14th October, 2017
Present Weather: Overcast with thunderstorm
Winds: A moderate breeze of 13mph from the East-northeast.
Temperature: 24°C/76°F Max Temp: 31°C/87°F Humidity: 100%
Sea Level Pressure: Well Below normal at 1013.1mbs or 29.91″
24hr rainfall at the R.L. Bradshaw Intl. at 2 pm: 14.8mm / 0.58″
Amount of rainfall for the month of October: 54.1mm / 2.13″
Sunrise: Tom 6:04am Sunset: Tom 5:50pm
Weather Forecast Valid until 8 pm Tomorrow
Winds: SE at 26-41km/h or 16-25mph with higher gusts during showers and over open waters.
Seas: Moderate to rough, swells 1.8-2.4m or 6-8ft. Warnings are in place for smallcraft operators and sea bathers against rough sea conditions.
Weather Forecast for St. Kitts & Nevis: The presence of an active tropical wave will continue to cause unsettled weather conditions over and around the islands, thus maintaining a high chance for shower and thunderstorm activity during the next 24
Weather: Mostly cloudy skies tonight and tomorrow with periods of scattered showers. Some showers will be moderate to heavy at times accompanied by isolated thunderstorms.
A FLASH FLOOD WARNING IS IN IMMEDIATE EFFECT FOR ST KITTS AND NEVIS, more specifically for the Basseterre area as significant rainfall has already fell and more is expected. The flash flood warning will remain in effect until 2:00am Sunday 15th October 2017. Conditions are likely to spread across the entire federation overnight. Persons are encouraged to exercise extreme caution when approaching ghauts and areas that are prone to landslide.

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