“A Local Council in Nevis would be better than the present incompetent Unity partner of the CCM Administration”, says Parry

Charlestown, Nevis (Thursday, May 05, 2016)- Former Premier and Opposition Leader, the Hon. Joseph Parry said Wednesday at a meeting of Nevis Reformation Party executives that, “Nevis might have been better off being run by a Local Council instead of this incompetent Concerned Citizen Movement (CCM) led Administration !”

The Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) Leader made the statement after being asked about a Facebook post by Deputy Premier, Hon. Mark Brantley where Brantley stated that “many persons are saying nothing is happening on Nevis” and then he (Brantley) went on to name a number of projects as CCM achievements, including the Bath stream project, the Long Stone House TDC project, the artisan village development, the drag strip and the Hanley’s Road development among others.

“Every project that Mr. Brantley mentioned in that Facebook post including the Artisian village, the development at the  Bath stream, the road project at Hanley’s Road, the water project and the St. James drag strip were all started and in most cases completed by the Nevis Reformation Party(NRP) led Administration.,“ stated Hon. Joseph Parry .

The Hanley’s Road development under CCM according to Hon. Parry is a failure of a project that has gone over budget and over the completion time.

“When the NRP did the first phase of that project, the road was done within time and within budget.”  Parry also went on to say that he found it laughable that Brantley would list an extension of the drag race strip as an achievement because when Brantley was in Opposition he complained that the drag strip was a waste of the island’s money and threatened that when the CCM got into government  they would close down the drag strip.”

Today many residents of Nevis have agreed that the CCM’s led Administrations lead on the road project in the Hanley’s Road area has been sloppy, over budget and long overdue to completion.

Sazam Hull
Sazam Hull…..Hon.Parry said he loved the Facebook post by Mr. Hull, especially the West Indies cricket connotation where Hull stated directly to Brantley: Let me tell you something, after you have talked like Brian Lara, you can’t have a Darren Sammy average….It is better if you didn’t say anything!



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