Accident :Nevis

September 21st, 2023, Time (Approx.) Between 7:30 am & 8 am

Location [Nevis] Island Main Road at Pinney’s

Vehicle(S) License # P – 9384 PA – 6108

Type Motor Pickup Motor Truck

Owner/Driver (If not same as owner) James Reid Of Barnes Ghaut, Nevis. —– Tameich Reid Of Barnes Ghaut, Nevis. Bhopaul Kissoon Of Farms Estate, Nevis. —– Oliver Betances Fana Of Ramsbury, Nevis.

Pedestrian(s) 0 Injuries Ms. Reid was transported to the Alexandra Hospital in a private vehicle for medical attention.

Fatalities 0

Circumstances: Initial investigations indicate that Ms. Reid was travelling from Barnes Ghaut to Charlestown along the island’s main road. Mr. Fana was travelling from Farms Estate to Jessup’s Village along Craddock Road.

When Mr. Fana arrived at the junction of Craddock Road and the island’s main road, he failed to come to a complete stop, thereby colliding with Ms. Reid’s vehicle.

This caused both vehicles to be pushed off the road.

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