Acting Commissioner Liburd Says Public Should Show Appreciation to Police‏

Acting Commissioner of Police, Stafford Liburd, has encouraged the public to be more supportive of law enforcement and show appreciation when it is deserved.
The comments were made on Saturday (February 06) at the 13th Annual Constables Award Ceremony and Dinner organized by the Nevis Division of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force. The event was designed to recognize exemplary service by police constables (PC) in executing their duties.
Liburd acknowledged that the police force has come under recent criticism due to several incidents involving police officers, and several individuals have turned to the broadcast media to express their opinions. However, he said the majority of the men and women of the RSCNPF are hard working and dedicated and should be publicly recognized for their efforts.
“Why can’t we have the faces of the pastors on our television in St. Kitts and Nevis?” the acting commissioner questioned. “The teachers, the nurses, the fisherman, the family of those who are victims to be on our television and on our radio echoing positive things about the police.”
Mr. Liburd encouraged persons to step forward and share their positive interactions with the police. He also said that when constructive criticisms and reviews are received they will be documented and appropriate follow up action taken. He also saluted Superintendent Hilroy Brandy for his leadership of the Nevis Division, noting that he has managed very carefully and been responsive to the needs of residents.
“I think that 2016 for the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force will be a better year,” Mr. Liburd said, noting that the energy from the rank and file is very high. “… but we can only see more of it if the public wakes up and decides to be a part of the crime fighting effort and let us hear the voices on the television and the radio speaking out loudly against crime.”
Nine police officers were awarded for outstanding performance. They were No. 599 PC Shayne James, No. 621 PC Keith Pemberton, No. 677 PC Trevin Mills, No. 687 Antonio Brown, No. 697 PC Devon Jones, No. 723 PC Manthana Mathias, No. 731 PC Kaygel Jefferson, No. 748 PC Kerran Nicholas and No. 801 WPC Dejaunie Williams. No. 687 Brown was recognized as the Constable of the Year in 2015.

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