Acting Superintendent of Police Invites Multi Sectoral Approach to Crime Fighting

Basseterre, St. Kitts, May 12, 2016 (SKNIS): Diana Mills, Acting Superintendent in the Crime Directorate, invited the nursing fraternity, as well as the wider society to unite in the fight against crime, during a panel discussion which formed part of the activities in commemoration of Nurses Week 2016.

The discussion, which addressed the topic “Crime and Its Impact on the Nursing Profession”, also saw Sister Danielle Wiggins and Dr. Dwayne Archibald as panelists, moderated by journalist Toni Frederick-Armstrong.

Acting Superintendent Mills revealed that the relationship between the police and nurses was one of sisterly love but as time went by, the two entities became distant.

“So I am really appealing for us to come back because we have to do this thing together as a team,” she said. “Team! Together! Each achieves more! If we do this thing as a team, we understand that we can’t do it alone as nurses, we can’t do it alone as police, we can’t do it alone as doctors, we can’t do it alone as teachers. It takes a coming together with all of these professions and the community because we are more than them (criminals), the few who are out there causing these problems for us.”

It was noted with regret that communities sometimes seem to be more in support of the bad elements of society than the more positive and productive citizens.

The Acting Superintendent outlined that in simple terms a crime is “any infraction against the law,” and the main one that would impact the nursing profession is “crimes that affect individuals such as injuries, wounding and murders.”

“Once somebody is shot or stabbed, chopped in any way, wounded, and that person comes to the hospital, we know the pressures here start spiraling,” she said, noting that doctors and nurses then have to address that new situation while they would have had other normal duties to take care of. “People are always here and you always have to be attending to one and all for various situations, so most times you are already full

The opportunity was taken to congratulate the nurses on their week of activities which runs from May 09 – 14 under the theme “Nurses: A Force for Change; Improving Health Systems Resilience.” Concluding activities include Thursday’s (May 12) Nurses’ Symposium, Luncheon & Award Ceremony at JNF Hospital, a church service at Cross Roads Church in Nevis and Friday’s (May 13) Round Table Discussion with Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon Timothy Harris; Ministers of Health, Hon. Eugene Hamilton and Hon. Wendy Phipps; and Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Health, Andrew Skerritt. Nevis will have T-Shirt Day.

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