Real Steel Works

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Real Steel Works              

Hector & Associates

Long Point Road

Charlestown Nevis

Telephone: 869-662-7365
































1. Minimize construction wastage  2. Minimize financial cost associated with removal of such waste

3. We accelerate your pace of construction. Up to 4 weeks of construction time can be saved on a home valued at 500k.

4. No cost overruns as the price is fixed to structural details.

5. Pilfering is minimized as material is delivered when needed.

6. We indemnify all material of work done up to the time of  delivery.

7. Our production rate is 1 ton of steel per day.

8. Our services saves 35 percent in steel works.

9. We incorporate the use of the technology to communicate and fabricate efficiently

10.Our business hours extend up to 10pm hence changes to structural designs which need immediate action can be quickly addressed.