Charlestown-Nevis- Tuesday 24th May was a very important day for the Prospect community. That was the day set aside to celebrate their community day as part of the activities for community development month.

Center Manager Mrs. Gale Greenaway, focused on AGRICULTURE and actually hosted an exhibition under the theme: ‘Agriculture then and now.’

Representative from the Agriculture Department, Mr. Randy Elliot, eloquently made a presentation on items and tools used in the good old days, in terms of Agricultural produce, as opposed to the more modern type technological advances, commonly used today.

His presentation was made to a contingent from the seniors’ group and to students of the nearby schools, which included, the Ivor Walters Primary and the Cecele Browne Integrated school.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Eric Evelyn, was also on hand to offer support and advice and fully endorsed the endeavour.

He used the opportunity to beseech more persons to seek to become more actively involved in Agriculture.

Later, some of the seniors hosted a fashion show of sorts, as they modelled with farming tools from the good old days and also with fruits and vegetables.

It was a very enlightening session and all who visited would have learnt quite a lot.

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