And Then There Was One-Dis and Dat Regains Kaiso Monarchy

Charlestown –Nevis-It would probably go down as the most controversial Calypso show for the Culturama festivities, in all of its 44 years.
The standard of calypso was arguably high, from the tents right up to the semifinals.
Initially from the semifinals, the following Calypsonians were selected to come up against the reigning Monarch, King Hollywood, on the evening of Saturday 4th August:
Astro, Nutsy, Dis and Dat, Charis D, Sookie, X-Man, Murray, Pupa Wheeler and Daddy Nature.
Among those left out were Polo, Baker and Lady Smooth.
A sequence of interesting events then followed, leading right up to the very day of the competition:
Polo’s manager raised a protest which pointed to the fact that Pupa Wheeler had sung a song in the semifinals, which was released before the end of the last competition and Sookie, the former multiple crowned Junior calypso King, had sung a song with only two verses, both in breach of the set rules ordained for the competition.
The Culturama committee originally acknowledged the errors and disqualified the two aforementioned calypsonians and Polo and Baker were included in their stead.
Apparently one of the disqualified calypsonians sought legal advice and in response to a letter from the lawyer, the Culturama Secretariat resorted to the original calypsonians selected for the finals.
Polo and his manager then got their legal team involved and matters were brought to a head in the courts of Basseterre, on Saturday 4th August, when the learned Judge ruled that Polo must be reinstated into the finals.
After that landmark decision, the Culturama Secretariat also included Lady Smooth and Baker, making it a total of 13 calypsonians, including King Hollywood for the final night.
The show commenced well after the scheduled 9pm promised start and went way down into the early hours of Sunday 5th August.
At the end of the two renditions by the 13 calypsonians, the judges deliberated and like the cheese standing alone, Dis and Dat with 798 points was adjudged the winner.
The first runner up was Astro with 732 points and the second runner up was Sookie with 716 points.
The question is: Will the judges’ decision be final or the JUDGE’S decision?

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