Annual Road Relay Held (SKN Moves Nevis Chapter Press Release)

The SKN Moves – Nevis Chapter Committee hosted the Second Edition of the Half Island Run relay on Saturday 25th March 2023, at 6 am, from the new starting point at Dicks Bar in Bricklin.

Eight teams vied for the F.I.T. Wellness cup challenge 2023.

The race was officially started by the Junior Minister of Health and Gender Affairs, et al, Hon. Jahnel Nisbett, who also participated in the Ministry of Health’s team.

It was indeed a fantastic race, as all of the teams were hungry for a win or a top-three finish.

The race was the most exciting event of this year, thus far. A real battle of stamina, commitment, strength and the will to win was most certainly demonstrated between St. Kitt & Nevis Defence force A – team and The Grand Champs Team. It could have gone either way.

The real test between the two top teams was verified on the first handover from Bricklin to Butlers. However, the approach to Zion Hill was intense, the SKN Defence force A- the team began to show signs of fatigue, to the advantage of Grand champs who took over for a few yards but as the teams paced their way to the top of what must have felt like Nevis Peak, SKN Defence A- the team was not having any of that and they somehow found their second lease of high octane and rocketed to the second hand over at Fothergills.

It was clear from this handover that Grand Champs would not be able to find anything in the tank to claw back a lead.

SKN Defence force by name and by nature led their A-team home for a first-place Victory.

They were followed in close second place, by Grand Champs and in third place by some distance, the SKN Defence force B team.

Finishing in fourth place, was Eastern; fifth Place -Ministry of Health Team; sixth Place- Dream Team; seventh Place- TDC and in eighth place, the Nisbett Family (Holly wood).

Special thanks to Extreme Velocity who ran as a substitute for the Grand Champs we appreciate your participation!!!!!!!

The Results & Presentations

PS of Health and Gender Affairs Ms. Shelisa Martin Clarke Presented Skn Moves -Nevis Chapter Rosettes to each Athlete.

In the Absence of Gold Sponsor Mr. David Walwyn of F.I.T Wellness Center, Junior Minister of Health et al, Hon.Jahnel Nisbett presented the winning trophies to the following teams:

SKN Defence force A -team, first place with a finish time of 5 minutes

Grand Champs in second place with a finish time of 1 hour and 5 minutes

SKN Defence force B-team is in third place with a finish time of 1 hour and 20 minutes.

International women’s month is celebrated globally in March.

In recognition of this, the department of Gender Affairs, represented by Ms. Shelisa Martin- Clarke and Hon. Jahnel Nisbett, marked the event by presenting a trophy to a female team, or a part-female team, for participating in the run relay.

Mrs. Nioki Carey accepted the trophy on behalf of her team. She along with fellow team member, Ms. Karen James, comprising the Dream Team, finished overall in 6th Place.

Two other sponsors also presented prizes in recognition of international women’s month.

Karen James received a gift courtesy of Pemberton’s Card and Gift shop and Ms. Schadone Liburd received a photo shoot from KONCEPT.

Special thank you to our partners, the Ministry of Health and Gender Affairs, Nevis Spring Water, the Red Cross team, and the SKN constabulary.

To David Walwyn of F.I.T Wellness Center, the Gold Sponsor for Skn Moves – NEVIS Chapter F.I.T Wellness Center Cup Challenge;

Gender Affairs for International Women’s Cup Challenge and Sheldon Joseph – KONCEPT and Pemberton’s for international women’s month prizes.

To our Media Platforms: NTV, Health Promotion Unit, Media and Communications Unit, Curtis Morton of NTV Sports page et al.

To the hard-working Skn Moves Nevis Chapter Committee; David Walwyn, Dejon Liburd, Chris Clarke, Jan Grell- Hull MH, Jamir Claxton.

To our Volunteers: Ms. Thia Claxton and Ms. Lornette Powell.

And lastly, the real reason why we do this is the athletes because, without their ongoing support, we would not have the Nevis Chapter. The Committee thanks you!

Shelagh James
Coordinator / Planner
SKN Moves – Nevis Chapter.

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