Another Covid -19 Related Death Within Last 24 Hours

Basseterre –St. Kitts-Things are beginning to get even scarier within the federations of St. Kitts and Nevis.

The covid-19 situation report5 for Tuesday 25th January is indicating that there has been one additional death, within the last 24 hours.

Death number 32 has been confirmed for St. Kitts, but it is yet to be clarified on which island death number 33 occurred.

The current state of affairs as of Tuesday 25th January reads as follows:
Confirmed cases in the last 24 hours-28
Total number of cases-5331
Active cases-553
Recovered cases 4745
Number of cases in St. Kitts-4539
Number of cases in Nevis -792
Negative results-59,477
Deaths 33
Up to Monday 24th January, there were 6 confirmed deaths in Nevis

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