Antigua and Barbuda Begins Rollout of COVID-19 Bracelets

On Friday, the government of Antigua and Barbuda received some 200 high-tech COVID-19 bracelets which will be used to monitor people’s movements in quarantine.

The bracelets use GPS location-tracking which send an alert to health authorities if the wearer leaves their outlined boundaries. The bracelets are equipped with temperature and heart monitors. That vital information will also be sent to health authorities. They are also tamper-proof and will send alerts to officials if someone opens, cuts the strap, breaks or in any way damages the device.

Health Minister Nicholas Steele said the devices have been deemed necessary due to people flouting quarantine rules. An additional 300 bracelets will be purchased by the government shortly.

On Tuesday, the legislation for the bracelets will be debated and passed in parliament.

Minister of Information, Melford Nicholas, reported that the distribution of the bracelets began on Friday night, with the full rollout to be completed this week.

Health officials are being trained in the use of the bracelets, interpreting the information collected and implementing regulations. The implementation of a Command Center is also in the cards.

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