Antigua And Barbuda reduces quarantine period for fully vaccinated people

The government of Antigua and Barbuda stated that people who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus would have to spend only seven days in quarantine after arriving in the country.

The decision was taken in the recent Cabinet meeting that took place on Thursday. The government announced that people who present a negative COVID-19 report would also have to spend only seven days in quarantine instead of 14.

However, during their fifth day at the quarantine facility, a coronavirus test would be conducted, and those with negative results will be granted leave two days later.

Besides this, the government stated that all beaches across the country would remain closed on Labour Day (May 3, 2021), and bars will also remain closed.

A representational association of bar owners will coincide via zoom with Health Ministry officials and a sub-committee of Cabinet Ministers.

The officials will discuss the safeguards enlisted by the bar owners, and decisions will be reconsidered on granted permission to re-open bars.

The government have also decided to give bar codes to youth who is vaccinated against the coronavirus. The bar code which would be sent to their smartphone would allow them entry into certain places that requires evidence of vaccine.

While the limitations restricting the gather at funeral and weddings to only 25 remains unchanged, however, Churches can seat people according to their capacity.

The government declared that the vaccination drive continues at two polyclinics, the multipurpose and the Precision Center, on Thursday and Friday. The Mobile Unit will be going again next week Saturday at a venue to be declared.

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