Application Process Opens for Nevis Culturama 50 Slogan Competition

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS – The following is a notice from the Culturama Secretariat regarding the Nevis Culturama 50 Slogan Competition:

The Culturama Secretariat is currently accepting entries for the Culturama 50 Slogan Competition.

Slogans should be short and catchy (no more than eight to ten words) to capture the true spirit of Nevis’ Culturama Festival. Please note that other festival or carnival committees should not have used the slogans that you submit.

Please ensure that all entries are submitted to the Culturama Secretariat no later than Friday, September 15, 2023. Alternatively, entries can be emailed to Please note that entries will not be accepted over the phone.

The winner of the Culturama 50 Slogan Contest will get two complimentary passes to attend ALL 50 events, along with a plaque and a cash prize of EC $500.

The Nevis Culturama Committee reserves the right to use the winning slogan during its planned extensive promotion of Culturama 50, which will be celebrated from July 25 to August 06, 2024.

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